Modern Marketing

 for investment boutiques 

Fund managers & founders are still sending pdf letters to their prospects and investors and calling it a marketing strategy. They haven't been taught how to harness the power of social capital, personal brand, or LinkedIn. But it's not too late. Get clarity, get inspo, get tips from our founder, Stacy Havener.

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stacy havener

founder / ceo
havener capital



emily boyle

director of content
havener capital


 in this video 

Stacy & Emily break down:


  • What social capital is and why it's important for investment boutiques to take advantage of it
  • How you can build and nurture different types of social capital within your network
  • The potential consequences of not building social capital
  • How you can incorporate social capital into your marketing strategy
  • How to quantify and measure the value of your social capital


  • What a personal brand is
  • When a personal brand is more effective than a business brand
  • How you can differentiate yourself through your personal brand
  • Content ideas that have proven effective in helping founders and fund managers grow their personal brand
  • Regulatory scrutiny of personal brands
  • How to get started on your personal brand
  • How to quantify and measure the value of your personal brand


  • The role that LinkedIn can play in your modern marketing strategy
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to connect with potential investors, clients, and industry peers
  • First steps to build your LinkedIn profile
  • How to create relevant, compelling content that aligns with your brand
  • The benefits of engaging on LinkedIn
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your LinkedIn efforts